Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Doing her best to live out Hebrews 12:1-2, you can usually spot Cindy Nicholson running with her dog Ziggy in Ayden, NC, training for the next road race. Having run a few personal races of her own as well, Cindy has a passion for pointing others to Jesus in the joyous moments as well as in the challenges of life.

Having led her church’s youth ministry for fifteen years, Cindy developed her speaking skills in front of a tough audience just as searching, curious and passionate as the rest of us! Through personal discipleship of students and adults, she also understands the struggles and joys of developing and maintaining godly relationships and the importance of living in community with others.

Cindy also writes devotionals for youth and adult short-term mission teams. Now certified through Vonda Skelton’s Christian Communicator’s Conference Training, Cindy is off and running again, excited not just to get people into God’s word, but to get God’s word into people. Through her gift of teaching, creative use of visuals, and the beauty of enhancing a presentation with sign language skills, Cindy is ready to lead and cheer any audience to run with endurance the race set out for them, looking to Jesus all the while.